Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Material Properties

The material used in all our products is 100% PP which is a non-toxic and highly recyclable polymer. However it is sensitive to UV-light and the color will fade overtime. The fold should last many thousands of folds if done correctly. The PP is also a thermoplastic and can regain its original shape if distorted by gently using a hairdryer over the damaged area. Be aware that Strawbees and OMOTAYO Ltd. accepts no liability for these kind of actions.


We accept card payments by Visa, MasterCard and American Express via PayPal, and direct payment by VISA or MasterCard via Stripe, an US payment gateway with highest security certification, PCI DSS Certification Level 1, approved by VISA and MasterCard.

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For deliveries in EU, VAT is included. OMOTAYO Ltd. has a distributor agreement to sell Strawbees in the UK and Ireland only.


All prices are stated in Pound Sterling (£ GBP) due to currency fluctuations. Please use www.xe.com or your local bank for actual rates. All payments are to be made to the OMOTAYO Ltd. bank account in GBP and any costs related to currency conversion should be payed by the buyer.


All products come with one year warranty of fabrication failure. Strawbees or OMOTAYO Ltd. is not responsible for any damage due to improper handling of our products.


Shipment is added to your order and is based on shipping from either the UK or Gothenburg, Sweden based on lowest cost.

Delivery time

For standard delivery please expect up to 1 weekdepending on final destination. For special orders expect up to 8 weeks.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If the customer for some reason is unsatisfied with the performance of their Strawbees, we offer a full refund. Dealers will receive a replacement product for the one reclaimed.


What straw sizes can you use?

The Strawbees are designed to fit in 6mm or quarter inch straws. They can squeeze in to slightly smaller straws and can be locked onto slightly bigger straws too. Straws are available in our shop from July 2015.

Are the Strawbees reusable?

Yes! You can use a kit of Strawbees over and over again, just take apart the constructions one Strawbee at a time.

Are the Strawbees durable?

They are super durable and will last a long time even though they can look worn with time. You need a pair of scissors or a knife to destroy them unlike other geometric building systems.

Where are the Strawbees manufactured?

The Strawbees are currently produced in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are also working on licencing production in USA and Taiwan. The reasons for that are many. The most important one is that we have customers globally, and then we need to have a global footprint, minimizing global transportation and the carbon footprint. Regarding sourced components, we have suppliers globally.