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We believe science should be fun and available for everyone, anywhere.

Our mission is to be a pivotal part of creative and science education now and in the future.

When we designed Strawbees and the supporting educational challenges, we tried to answer three equally important questions:

1) Can a world class educational toy be available for everyone, and collaborative?
2) On a globe with scarce resources, how do we ensure minimal carbon footprint, and minimal waste?
3) Can we make science education more fun?

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The answer to number one and two goes hand in hand. Materials used in our products are to a maximum share either re-used (PP) or bio-degradable (PLA). To be 100% is nearly impossible, but we are trying. We also have a global footprint, partnering with carefully picked local partners, ensuring an optimal supply chain. Therefore, we have obtained our goal, to have a nearly carbon neutral product, to a low cost, ensuring availability for everyone.

The answer to number three is harder to reach, because we need to challenge status quo in education. To educate the next level of inventors, we need to promote a trial-and-error based learning. We truly believe that this is the future. So when building the educational material, we have been supported by world class educators, who believe in young’s ability to think freely and out of the box.

Please check out the “Instructions” part of the page. Here we will constantly update with new challenges, for all levels.

If you are an educator, no matter size, please contact us on for advise on products to buy, and education discounts.