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Build your dreams.

Strawbees is an amazing
3D prototyping toy and tool
for makers of all ages.

Total freedom to build what you want with no limitations
Boosts creativity and logical thinking
 Build huge mechanical objects with straws or cardboard!
 Compatible with the microcontroller toy, Quirkbot to build and program your own robots

Making science and play more creative and fun!



We want to be the best educational toy that is available for anyone, anywhere. Learning science should be fun.

What to create? The London Eye? Mathematical Bridge? A flying stingray? Conceptual jewellery? Smaug the dragon? Only imagination limits what you can build with Strawbees! You have four different construction kits to choose from, with size as the only differentiator. From the Maker kit, for tasting the flavour, to the Infinite kit, with only sky as the limit. No matter what kit you try, we guarantee laughter, learning and crazy inventions.

The best thing is that all our packages are big enough to be shared, and therefore available for everyone.

To purchase, please visit the STORE!

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Features 141 connectors in two random colours and sample straws with which you can start exploring bigger constructions. Build a frog, a bridge, an umbrella or a prototype robot. Try out some mechanics or just build freely.

To purchase this kit, please visit the STORE!




Features 368 pieces in two random colours and sample straws. Invent a bird, a huge mechanical snake, an exo-skeleton grapple claw, or a replica of the pyramids of Giza. Enough pieces to start inventing really cool stuff.

To purchase this kit, please visit the STORE!


Crazy Scientist

Our best selling product by far. More than 1000 pieces in white and a second random colour and sample straws. With this kit you can build all the things in our videos, instructions, challenges and more. Start creating your own mad scientist lair full of weird and wacky inventions, or why not try to build one of the seven wonders of the world?!

The Crazy Scientist kit is the kit we suggest as a start for educators. One kit is enough to keep 2 classes occupied with cool inventing at the same time!!!

To purchase this kit, please visit the STORE!



Infinite Kit

Imagine building a whole city, or a copy of your favourite theme park. With the Infinite kit, your classroom, exhibition hall, or museum, turns into an inventor’s playground, bursting with vivid colour and possibilities, where the building opportunities are endless. The purpose is to create a platform where teachers and pupils work jointly together, with a manual or without.

Contact us for more information on purchasing this kit.


We believe science should be fun and available for everyone, anywhere.

Our mission is to be a pivotal part of creative and science education now and in the future.

When we designed Strawbees and the supporting educational challenges, we tried to answer three equally important questions:

1) Can a world class educational toy be available for everyone, and collaborative?
2) On a globe with scarce resources, how do we ensure minimal carbon footprint, and minimal waste?
3) Can we make science education more fun?

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The answer to number one and two goes hand in hand. Materials used in our products are to a maximum share either re-used (PP) or bio-degradable (PLA). To be 100% is nearly impossible, but we are trying. We also have a global footprint, partnering with carefully picked local partners, ensuring an optimal supply chain. Therefore, we have obtained our goal, to have a nearly carbon neutral product, to a low cost, ensuring availability for everyone.

The answer to number three is harder to reach, because we need to challenge status quo in education. To educate the next level of inventors, we need to promote a trial-and-error based learning. We truly believe that this is the future. So when building the educational material, we have been supported by world class educators, who believe in young’s ability to think freely and out of the box.

Please check out the “Instructions” part of the page. Here we will constantly update with new challenges, for all levels.

If you are an educator, no matter size, please contact us on for advise on products to buy, and education discounts.


Grow your business with Strawbees.

We’re excited that you’re interested in spreading our mission and selling the future of educational toys.

Strawbees is distributed in the UK and Ireland by OMOTAYO Ltd.

Please contact describing who you are, and include (at least) the following:

A. Company name
B. Contact name and phone number
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D. Type of sales (Online and/or physical store)
E. Years in business
F. Information about your store and what other brands you carry

We are truly looking forward to working with you.


Strawbees is the best 3D prototyping tool in the world, making sculpturing in 3D and building your own massive toys and structures possible.

When we see what kids (and grown ups) invent, we are astonished. We have seen two metres high marble runs, cardboard airplanes, dragons, umbrellas, three metres high Optimus Prime, pinball games, boomerangs, frogs, birds, airplanes, flying kites, bridges and four meter high towers. Science has never been more fun, and when understanding basic physics and mathematics, even bigger constructions are made.

We use Instructables as a content partner and to post our own challenges and instructions. Using Instructables, in parallel with our own content making, will ensure that the versatility of Strawbees comes into light.

Please share your own inventions with the Strawbees community via our social media links.

Basic instructions for static and dynamic building structures:
Feature Palette

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 Single sheet instructions

Challenge level 1:

Challenge level 2:

Challenge level 3:
The Bridge

Challenge level 4:

Challenge level 5:

The Workshop Challenge:
If you are having a kick-off with your team, or just want to understand group dynamics and joint problem solving, please buy a kit, and download the instructions. We promise fun!
Workshop Challenge




“A truly open ended construction toy for kids”

– Mitchel Resnick, MIT, Lifelong Kindergarten


“It’s the intersection of education and engineering, with a little whimsy thrown in”


“Strawbees is a new construction kit that lacks the branded tie-ins, but challenges kids to think at an architectural scale and to become pilots of their own starships or residents of their own private castles.”

– WIRED Magazine

“Best kids design of 2014!”

– FastCompany

“The best toys are the ones that set the mind free .. with creative potential limited only by your imagination (and the laws of the universe)”